Write your own survival guide

There are days as a parent that i feel as if you are walking through golden gates, ushering in a sense of parental competence. And then there are days when the only sense of competence is boiling the kettle. I’m not sure any of us really know what we’re doing when we become parents. Even experienced parents, successful experienced parents, don’t know which direction the parenting of a child will take them. But there is the person you created. A person you love. Love in the shape of that small person.

So even if you’ve had a tough few months or years. Feeling like utter shite trying to climb up the mountain you can’t seem to reach the top of.

You have to remember you are not incompetent but you are not perfect either. The adorable human being, and that little person you created needs your kisses. Forgive yourself, because you are doing the best you can

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